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Our Clients


Men, women, and children in over 35 countries have gained peace of mind and confidence from learning KAPAP.

Civilian clients have also included:
VIP Protection Units
Airline Security
United American Civil Taskforce
Inuit Tribes
Residents of High Crime Areas
Body Guards
Private Security


Serbian PTJ
U.S. Marshalls
Italian Carabineri
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
London Metro Police
Orange County S.W.A.T.
Upland, CA S.W.A.T.
Texas Dept. of Public Safety
Houston Metro Police
San José Police
Warwick Police
Lancaster S.E.R.T.
Connecticut S.O.R.T.


Israel Special Forces
Israel Police
Brazil Special Forces B.O.P.E.
Serbian Gendarmerie
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Navy

The World’s Most Respected System of Self Defense & CQB

Learn a modern system based on knowledge and experience. The KAPAP Krav Maga system was developed and tested under the most demanding conditions, in Israel's elite special forces.

Fast and Intuitive

KAPAP is a modern system. Learn the world's fastest, most intuitive, and effective system of Krav Maga. Reality based self defense and close quarters battle for the world you live in.


KAPAP is the most rapidly growing system of Krav Maga martial arts in the world because it is designed for normal people like you! Professional training is based on safety and producing results. That is KAPAP.

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Avi Nardia

Counter-terrorism and CQB expert who trains SWAT, SRT, SERT, Army, Marine, Special Forces, and private security forces throughout the world

Mr. Nardia served as an intelligence officer and official close quarters battle trainer for the world’s most elite counter-terror unit: Israeli YAMAM.

During his 24 years in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), Major Avi Nardia served as an official hand-to-hand instructor and safety officer for the Israeli special forces recruit program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is school XYZ a certified school of KAPAP?

A complete directory of registered KAPAP instructors can be found here. Before Avi Nardia released his system of modern KAPAP around the world, the term KAPAP had fallen out of usage in Israeli martial arts for over 50 years. Nobody was teaching KAPAP. Some who have attended seminars with Avi & others who failed to complete their training now claim to be the "real" KAPAP. Find a certified KAPAP instructor in our directory of locations.

How can I become a KAPAP Instructor?

The #1 prerequisite to become a KAPAP instructor is integrity. All instructors are subject to an extensive interview process that includes practical skills assessments and character appraisal. In order to begin your journey toward becoming a fully certified KAPAP Instructor, please complete this application.

KAPAP vs other Krav Maga systems?

Krav Maga is a generic term to describe basic Israeli martial arts. Avi Nardia developed KAPAP within Israel's most elite hostage rescue unit: YAMAM. Due to the nature of the YAMAM mission, intelligence, patience, and compassion for human life are core tenets of the KAPAP training philosophy. KAPAP is distinguished from various systems of Krav Maga by Avi Nardia's philosophy and depth of knowledge.

Who is KAPAP designed for?

Women, men, police, military, and children have spread KAPAP to all seven continents (yes, even Antarctica!). KAPAP is a system for all people who wish to protect life and pursue peace. KAPAP is a versatile and multidimensional system for teaching all people how to develop the skills to win in any situation.

More questions and answers here.

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