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Women, men, police, military and children have spread KAPAP to all seven continents (yes, even antartica!). KAPAP is a system for all people who wish to protect life and pursue peace. KAPAP is a versatile and multidimensional system for teaching all to develop the skills to win in any situation.


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I have known Avi for over 25 years. When I first met him he was already an accomplished martial artist and over the years I have seen him continue honing his knowledge and skills to becoming a world renewed leader and trainer in the fighting arts. One thing hasn’t changed about him, a trait that astonishingly persisted throughout decades, is his passion and dedication to his chosen vocation. I saw in him qualities rarely seen in teacher of this ageless art: preserving tradition and innovation, both at the same time. He seemed to have figured out how to balance both- the need to transmit the tradition unchanged as handed down to us, and yet continually test the techniques and innovative in search of a practical and down to earth approach.

Dr Saleh Majaj, doctor of Naturopathic Medicine